Animal Connection

Healing and Connecting with our precious animal companions

Animal Connection offers holistic distant energy healing for your animal companion. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional or energetic, these sessions will help your animal companion to find a sense of balance, health, ease and comfort. They will also go deeper into your soul connection exploring lessons your animals would like to share with you.

What we Offer:

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Animal Healing

Animals are amazing souls that bring us much love, acceptance and healing.

Send them healing energy so they can find a sense of health, balance and ease. 

Healing adapted to:

  • Transitioning (New house, new family members, etc)
  • Illness
  • Behavioral Problems
  • General Healing
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Animal Assisted Soul Therapy

Animal Assisted Soul therapy is for Conscious pet parents who want to explore their soul connection to their pets and the beautiful lessons our animals are here to teach. This can be for general processes our pets go through such as physical illness or behavioural adjustments or can be general soul connection.

These sessions will

  • help pet parents emotionally to support their kids
  • Help pet parents shift energetically so as to support their pet kids better.
  • Connect deeper with any soul lessons our pet kids want to teach us.


Interested in an animal healing session?