Vegan Consciousness Shift


Many see veganism as a trend, a phase, a way to lose weight, a way to stay young or a way to gain health.

Some see it as a way to alleviate suffering or protect the earth.

There are 100s of reasons to go vegan and 1000s of benefits you will obtain by shifting to this lifestyle.

While all of the reasons, perspectives and benefits are beautiful, fulfilling and great motivators, its only the tip of the iceberg. Veganism is so much more, especially on a consciousness level, some of which we are still trying to understand.

The world is at a critical junction at the moment: we are destroying the planet, literally raping it dry. We are getting to the point where if we carry on doing as we are, there will be no return. The world as we know it will not exist anymore. It will shift tremendously, wiping out many sentient beings as it does so.

Carnism(the term for meat eaters) has a big impact on this shift. Yes, for the industries and the destruction they cause but also for the mentality it brings.

This mentality is looking at suffering without fully seeing it. The animal, dairy and egg industries revolve around suffering. We have seen the videos and have heard of vegans fighting for animals rights. We know something is not right. Yet we deny.

We deny the reality: the suffering of the animals and the planet around us. We deny this so we do not have to deal with the emotions that we would surely feel if we had to truly see the suffering for what it is. When we do see the suffering for what it is, we feel unsettled and we feel pain.

And so the coping mechanism of denial helps us distance ourselves from the pain. Surely if we need coping mechanism to help us deal with the reality, the reality is not right in the first place? Would it not a better solution to be change reality so we can live a more truthful life?

The next mentality is one about sitting back, seeing what is going on but avoiding responsibility and avoiding change. We watch and makes excuses by justifying and telling ourselves that someone else will sort the problems out while I just carry on with my life. All Ill contribute is complaining when the weather goes crazy, the ice caps melt and food prices rise. But it is not my fault right? How can I change the industries? 

Its a mentality of selfishness. As long as I can live my life and have what I want and I can do what I want and I can eat what I want, everything is ok. That is until the outside world starts interfering and  affecting my inner world.

It is about judgement and separating. Because someone is a different nationality/species/mammal/ they are different to me. So they must feel different too??? Therefore we can treat them differently?

I mean, it is really ok to keep and adore cats but it is also ok to cruelly torture pigs. Do pigs feel and bond less than a cat would? The latest research would give that an interesting answer but thats for another article.

So yes, we are moving away from the industries, the cruelty and the mentalities that come with it. And we can just go vegan. Or we can shift ours and the earths’ mentality while transitioning too.

By shifting this consciousness, we do not transfer victimhood to a different species. We can start alleviating suffering in the world, starting removing what we do not want: selfishness, greed and fear.

We start seeing all beings (humans, animals, pets, our planet) as conscious and sentient beings. We see them from a space of love.

We take on the responsibility to shift the planet to a different and better frequency and we start enjoying this new reality we have created and the world we live in.

As Ghandi says: be the change you want to see in the world.

It starts with you.

So for those who are looking into veganism, this is what you can expect. For those that are already there, I would like to know what you think?

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