How Season change can affect Health 


Ions and the environment

Have you noticed that right before a change in season, you experience an energy drop? People start getting flus and colds? Everyone is running off for injections?

There is a simple explanation for this depletion of energy and it does not involve food. It involves the environment; specifically the air.

As you all know, everything is made of atoms. These atoms are found everywhere. These atoms are balanced when there is a positive and a negative side. This makes them neutral.

However, they can become unbalanced when an electron is knocked off. This can happen through the environment: water, wind, air, sun and other environmental factors.

This will then make it an ion. If a positive electron is knocked off, it will become a negative ion. If a negative electron is knocked off, it will make it a positive ion.

Each leads to different consequences. Each affect the environment in a different way. This has a huge impact on the animals and plants around us.

How ions affect health

It is not only plants and animals that are affecting, it is humans too. 

Specifically ,and ironically, positive ions can cause ill health in humans. It can affect our health and our mood by causing tension, irritability, depression, lethargy, insomnia, colds and other respiratory conditions. There is also a delay in reacting to stimuli.

The opposite, negative ions, cause the opposite. They are known to purify the air and kill bacteria.

They can cause improved energy and vitality in both people and animals. They can help with lowering high blood pressure and reducing symptoms of asthma and hay fever. They promote well-being and lift depression.  They make us more alert and focused. They can also balance hormones, make our body more alkaline and improve digestion.

This could be why staying indoors can cause depression, lethargy and generally ill health. It could be the accumulation of positive ions.

What causes positive ions?

So lets take a step back: what is causing such a rise in the positive ions, especially indoors. Well, firstly, technology. There is air conditioning, heaters, computers, telephones and electrical appliances. It is also through pollutants, high voltage lines and radioactivity.

How do these ions affect our body?

Its quite simple, the positive ions will cause an excessive and sudden release of serotonin which can cause hyperactivity. This affects the adrenals and can lead anxiety and stress.

Negative ions, however, have a calming effect on the body and reduce serotonin. This brings us back to balance.

So bringing this back to weather...

So you know the myth about how the full moon brings in a bit of a crazy energy... well, now we have the scientific evidence to explain it. There are more positive ions in the air during a full moon which can lead to aggressive and depressive behaviour.

There are also more positive ions in the air right before a storm.

So how to we increase the negative ions in our life...

Very simply, get outside and be in nature. Preferably right after a storm. The rain literally cleanses the air and makes everything feel refreshed and alive.

But anytime in nature will give you a negative ion boost.

The other option is if you are stuck indoors is to get a Himalayan lamp, commercialized ionizers or indoor plants. They help to balance the ion levels.

So....Enjoy the rains and notice any energy shifts before and after.




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