Our Nutri Earth offers online courses.

These courses are about educating and empowering you.

They offer a collection of articles and information giving you everything you would need to know to make informed and healthy decisions for your health and well being.

The courses may also include coaching to help you not only reach your goals but also take a beautiful journey along the way so you can transform your life in a supportive space and in gentle way.

What we offer


Go Vegetarian

Thinking of learning and transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle?

This 4 week online course will teach you everything you need to know to make the transition.

The first week is free.

Go Vegan

Do you want to embrace a compassionate and healthy lifestyle?

Then go vegan is for you. In this 5 week course you will learn everything you need to know do so.

Vegan Nutrition for Sports

Want to switch to a vegan lifestyle while keeping toning, keeping fit and building muscle?

Vegan nutrition for sports will help you get there by providing the right individualized nutritional plan, information and support so you can perform at your best