Go Vegetarian

Go Vegetarian is a 4 week online program that will take you on a journey in exploring vegetarianism as a diet, as a compassionate lifestyle and as an ethically sustainable path for the future of our planet.

Heres what you will learn

  • How can going vegetarian benefit my health?
  • How can going vegetarian benefit our planet?
  • How can going vegetarian benefit our animals?
  • How can going vegetarian benefit our future as a human species?
  • Is vegetarianism a sustainable diet and lifestyle choose
  • What to expect to shifting to a vegetarian diet
  • How to make a vegetarian lifestyle a healthy one while getting all the right nutrients

And much much more....

Going vegetarian is the first step to take in preventing and healing chronic conditions

How it works

The course offers 4 weeks of content available on this website.

Each week content will be released. This content will be divided into 5 sections: 1 for each day of the week.

The content will be practical and empowering with the knowledge so you can take control over your health, lifestyle and future.  

At the end of each session, questions, tips and self reflection content will be asked where you can interact with like minded individuals and share opinions. 

What do I need to join

  • Internet access
  • 15 minutes a day
  • A desire to start a journey of compassion



Go Vegetarian
Once off

Full access to the whole course for a month