Holistic Body Transformation Journey 

 Holistic Body Transformation Journey takes weight loss to the next level.

These sessions focus on the emotional side of eating and will bring you into a state of awareness and understanding so you can start healing your relationship with yourself, food and your body.

About Your Holistic Program 

You can mix and match:



Body Story

Course Length: 4 part

About: Body Story will take you on a powerful emotional journey where you can start understanding, healing and shifting your story connected to weight, your relationship with food, your body and dieting in a fun and creative but deeply healing way. This is for those who want to access deep aspects and want to heal on an emotional level.


Body Consciousness

Course Length: 2 part

About: Body Consciousness will take you on a journey where you can start understanding your journey on a deeper level. It will delve into examining the lessons behind your journey and weight. This offers a deep energetic healing process. 


Body Acceptance

Course Length: 5 part

About: This offers a journey where you can start exploring ways to accept your body and you weight loss journey. We will explore mindfulness in eating. This is a great way to shift your thought patterns into those that are healthier and more nurturing for you.

How the Program Works



What is included:

These sessions are very interactive. They will be based around online coaching sessions with some:

  • Online Reading Information 
  • Coaching Forms
  • Exercises
  • Online coaching sessions.
  • Email or whatsapp support.


These coaching sessions will take you on a deep, supportive and healing journey where, in a safe and supportive space, you can start exploring, understanding and healing.

These sessions focus on developing a healthy relationship with our bodies, with food and with weight loss.

These sessions are individualized to your specific needs.


What coaching can entail:

Coaching Sessions are intuitive and adapted to your unique needs. You may include:

  • Discussion and Self Exploration
  • Creative Writing Exercises
  • Guided Visualization
  • Inner child work
  • Shadow Work
  • Archetype Exploration
  • Practical Tips

What this program will give to me:

  • Support: You will have access to contact me over email or whatsapp.
  • Coaching Support: You can arrange coaching sessions as you need them.
  • Flexibility: Each program has a flexible structure. There is a set program to work through but one that is very flexible to where you need to focus on.
  • Unconditional Space: You will have a safe, unconditionally accepting space to work through your program.
  • ConvenienceThe whole program is done online so this can be anywhere in the world. You just need internet access.
  • As Your Own Pace: You can work this program within your own time and space. 
  • Life Changing Tools: This program will teach you life changing tools and take you on a deep healing internal journey.
  • Worksheets: You will have worksheets to fill in as you go through the program to help you keep track of your progress.

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