Plant Based Diet 

A plant based lifestyle is healthy on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. It is spiritually aware, environmentally and animal friendly.

It is a lifestyle that embraces a life of health, wellness and wholeness for mind, body and soul.

How can I help You?

Plant based consultations 

For balanced, healthy, nourishing and delicious vegan meal plans.

Vegan Detoxing

 For detox plans to cleanse, heal, revitalize and help you feel like a new person


Plant Based Coaching

For step by step guide to going plant based, one goal and a time


Body Shape Coaching

 For a holistic approach to weight management that involves whole, delicious eating plans.


Vegan Sport

For vegan plans suited to sports, gyming and building muscle


Vegan Kids

For vegan diets adapted to infants and kids using food colour as a fun, learning tool


Consultations for your specific needs

Consultations and programs are based on you as a unique and holistic individual. And therefore each consultation and eating will be adapted to suit your needs for mind, body and soul. 

Eating and lifestyle plans will combine health and enjoyment to bring you back to balance and wellness.

How consultations work?

A consultation will consist of two parts: initial assessment and discussion of the eating plan

The initial assessment will include an intake session where a comprehensive analysis including health, family history, exercise, eating plan and more is discussed to your analyze your health on a holistic level. We establish the ideal diet suited for your specific needs and body type. I will then work with you at your level to set goals and makes step to support your holistic health.

In the second part, we will meet up to go over and discuss eating plan and we can have a discussion where I will answer all your questions. 

It is recommended to have follow ups monthly if you have long term goals such as weight loss.


Cost is based on an individual basis depending on how many sessions and what approach you would like. Discounts available for more sessions and for family assessments. Send an email for an individualized quote.

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