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Our Nutri Earth offers individually-tailored services.

We see each person as a unique individual and therefore believe that each healing plan should be suited to your specific needs and lifestyle.

We take a holistic approach, viewing each person and each condition, as a combination of many factors including that of mind, body and soul.

We believe in support and therefore create a space where you can be coached until you reach your optimal health and wellness goals.

What we offer

Holistic Vegan Assessment

For a balanced eating plan that is suited to your unique body type to maximize health and wellness.

Intuitive Healing 

For a deeply relaxing session to help you heal and find inner peace. 

Esoteric Approach to Healing

A unique approach to psychological healing by combining coaching with the esoteric for powerful  transformation.


Learn techniques to find your center of inner peace, happiness and a state of being.

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