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I initially contacted Megan to start a diet program for weight loss. She assessed my case and customized a personal eating and exercise plan. During the follow up sessions emotional blockages emerged, what took me on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance of many things I was unhappy with in my life . Megan uses different holistic and intuitive techniques such as  reiki, guided visualizations, inner child work, archetype readings, dream interpretation.  Megan´s sessions  really helped me to ground myself at the same time that connect with my higher self.  I feel much more stronger and happier.



In 2012, January, I was diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa.   


I tried everything to keep it under control or treat it. Nothing worked. It didn’t help that I was overweight.   
I miraculously found Megan online. She was so effectiveand happy to help. I  filled in the forms and started with my consultation. My intention was to find a long term strategy of managing the skin disorder.    


I weighed 86kg. Megan started me with detox and the simplest way of drinking water which became a good habit. I started in late May and had lost 11kg by September. Most importantly, with a good specified diet planned for me, my skin condition went down by 60%.    
Now, the skin condition has gone down by 90% due to a healthy diet, a 24/7 support from Megan. I have lost 18kg. All was made easy by a very convenient online consultation.”