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Conscious Body Diagnostic is a unique diagnostic and healing system.  This system senses blockages through kinesology and medical intuition within the body. It then uses plant-based diets, lifestyle changes, emotional balancing and energy to help you find your personalized healing plan for health, peace, balance and an alignment holistically

What we Offer:

Conscious Body Diagnostic

Body Conscious Diagnostic will focus on physical health by combining an online health and lifestyle assessment with the body diagnostic system to assess health and blockages. Through an intuitive and holistic approach, a plant-based treatment plan will be put together suited to your body type and personalized needs.

These consultations will give you:

  • A comprehensive and holistic health and lifestyle assessment
  • Personalized Eating Plan Recommendations
  • Personalized Food List Recommendations
  • Supplement and lifestyle advise if necessary

Holistic Conscious Body Diagnostic

Holistic Body Conscious Diagnostic will go deeper into the assessment by focusing more holistically.

This assessment will see where emotional or mental blocks are stored within the body.

A holistic healing plan will be put together to help release and heal.

This plan is recommended for:

  • For Chronic or Genetic Illness
  • Illness where the medical cause is hard to find.
  • Holistic Lifestyle Shift.
  • Make the transition to a vegan lifestyle as simple as possible by having your own plant-based coaching.

Vegan Healing

A vegan lifestyle is a powerful holistic transformational tool.

Let me coach through vegan emotional and mental challenges through vegan coaching and lifestyle support, for a deep inner cleanse so you can move forward in peace, purpose and fulfillment.

These sessions are individualized. Sessions may include:

  • Eating Plan Adjustments
  • Vegan Goal Setting 
  • Lifestyle and Vegan Coaching 
  • Meditation
  • Healing


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