Consultations provide the start of your plant-based journey where I will connect with you as the unique individual you are.

In a safe and accepting space, we will guide you onto a wholesome plant-based diet.

During a comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment, we will examine your health,  family history, lifestyle habits and body type.

These plant-based assessments will ensure you are getting the right nutrients through a balanced whole food-based approach.

We will explore the right foods and eating approach for you as the unique and holistic individual you are.


What this includes:

These sessions include:

  • Initial Consultation: A comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment
  • Follow Up: Discuss Your Plan
  • Personalized Eating Plan
  • Personalized Food List
  • Supplement Advise if applicable

Choose your focus:

  • Plant Based Eating Plan (Vegetarian or Vegan Diet)
  • Vegan Weight Loss Eating Plan
  • Vegan Sports Eating Plan
  • Vegan Health Plans
  • Raw Plans


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